Peace by Youth (PY) is registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961, and is a non-profit, public benefit entity, operating with the mission to promote effective and visible participation of youth in decision making process and services.

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Established in July 2011 as a humanitarian organization by a group of young social leaders & peace builders from the local community of District Jacobabad, PY aims to serve humanity through capacity development thereby enabling people to make decisions in accordance with their needs, and move towards socio-economic uplift.

PY works with objective to serve humanity in form of capacity building, generating environment to bring change in attitude & behavior of local community empowering youth. So the existing Socio condition paves way to new era. Organizing counseling sessions for adolescents and youth is a regular feature for all types of institutions. This enables them to take decision as per their need; which leads to Social-economic uplift, PY is working regularly on it with the support of its volunteers, members and donors.

PY has ability of implementing youth empowerment programs that address pertinent issues relating to the development of young people. PY works with different youth groups to improve their capacity, to work efficiently through organizational development, to maintain continuity and also function effectively. PY focuses on transferring management skills to beneficiary communities and has won the confidence of large number of stakeholders living in the target area by employing a participatory approach.

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