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At Peace by Youth (PY), our philosophy is anchored in fostering growth, understanding, and empowerment among youth. We believe in nurturing the potential of young individuals as agents of positive change. Our approach combines education, skill development, and community engagement, aimed at creating inclusive opportunities for growth and leadership. We emphasize participation, empowerment, and collaboration, striving to build a society where youth are equipped, inspired, and motivated to contribute meaningfully to social progress and peace.

Peace by Youth (PY) is an organization dedicated to the holistic development of young individuals in Pakistan. Our focus is on nurturing leadership, fostering educational and skill-building opportunities, and promoting active civic engagement. We believe in empowering youth to become agents of positive change in their communities, advocating for social justice, peace, and equality. PY operates through various initiatives and collaborations, aiming to create an inclusive environment where every young person has the opportunity to grow, contribute, and thrive in a supportive and progressive community.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ section for key information about Peace by Youth (PY), our initiatives, and ways to engage with us. This resource is designed to quickly answer your questions and provide insights into our work and mission.

You can volunteer by filling out our online application form. We offer various roles depending on your skills and interests.

PY offers programs focused on youth development, including educational workshops, skill-building initiatives, and community engagement projects. PY also works on humanitarian initiatives.

Absolutely! You can specify the initiative you wish to support when making a donation.

For partnership inquiries, please contact us via email with details about your project idea.

Currently, our focus is primarily within Pakistan, but we are open to collaborations that align with our mission.

Trusted by the community

PY is one of most organized youth-led nonproft organization in the region

Peace by Youth (PY) is a leading youth-led nonprofit in the region, dedicated to cultivating leadership and community development. It’s recognized for empowering young people and advocating social change through various programs. PY engages youth in skill-building and civic responsibility, significantly impacting local communities. As a source of hope and inspiration, PY showcases the effectiveness of youth-led initiatives in fostering sustainable societal progress.