Peace by Youth – PY’s Governing Body

Governing body of Peace by Youth (PY) consists of 07 active and highly experienced and qualified rural development professionals with 5 male and 2 female members. The 4 governing body members are full time active working executives of the organization. Governing body members are having 05-10 years’ experience in the development field with national and international exposures. 4 of 07 members are having hand in experience in working with international donor organizations. The geographical experiences of these members are Sindh and Balochistan provinces.

Hands on experience of the General Body members are from the field of food security; WASH; M&E and MIS development; Gender Equity; Community Development; Legal aid services; financial management; networking and capacity building.

Sr. Name Designation Email
1 Mukhtar Ahmed President
2 Muhammad Amin Khan Vice President
3 Arfa Khan General Secretary
4 Saadat Ali Treasurer
5 Ali Ahmed Jatoi Information Secretary
6 Khair Muhammad Member
7 Shakeela Panhwar Member