Our History

Peace by Youth (PY) is registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961, and is a non-profit, public benefit entity, operating with the mission of PEACE – Participation, Empowerment and Association of Change Enablers.

Inception and Motivation

Peace by Youth (PY) was founded in July 2011 in the District Jacobabad community by a group of young social leaders and peace advocates. The organization’s inception was driven by the urgent need to address the challenges faced by local communities, particularly in terms of social injustice, lack of opportunities for youth, and the need for sustainable development.

Early Years and Focus

Initially, PY focused on engaging young individuals in community development and peace-building activities. These early efforts were centered around capacity building, with a strong emphasis on enabling young people to take active roles in shaping their futures and contributing positively to their communities

Expansion of Scope and Reach

Over the years, PY expanded its scope beyond the initial community, extending its services and programs to wider regions. The organization’s evolution saw it tackling broader issues, including human rights advocacy, gender equality, education, and environmental sustainability.

Strategic Partnerships and Growth

The growth of PY was marked by strategic partnerships with other organizations, local and national government bodies, and international agencies. These partnerships helped PY in amplifying its impact and reaching more beneficiaries.








About Us

Empowering Youth for a Progressive Future

Recognized as a highly organized youth-led nonprofit, Peace by Youth (PY) is a standout in the region for its commitment to empowering young individuals.

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Our Mission

Mission Statement: PY’s mission evolves to incorporate a tech-forward approach, focusing on empowering Pakistan’s youth through digital education and skill development. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of peace and harmony, actively advocating for gender equality and environmental sustainability. Our mission is to harness the potential of young individuals, equipping them with modern tools and inclusive values to become agents of positive change in their communities.

Our Vision

Vision Statement: Envisioning a future where technology, peace, and social justice converge, PY aims to establish ‘A Prosperous Peaceful Pakistan’ with thriving youth at its core. Our vision encompasses a society where gender equality and environmental consciousness are not just ideals but lived realities. We strive to be at the forefront of societal transformation, making Pakistan a global example of youth-led development, ecological responsibility, and harmonious coexistence.