Uniting for a Greener Future: Pakistan Climate Coalition (PCC)

Empowering Communities, Advocating Policy, and Fostering Sustainability in the Heart of Pakistan

The Pakistan Climate Coalition, under the leadership of Peace by Youth, stands as a beacon of hope and action in the face of environmental challenges. Through its united efforts, the coalition not only aims to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change but also to foster a culture of sustainability that transcends generations. The PCC is a call to action, an invitation to join hands in safeguarding our planet for current and future generations.


The PCC aims to be a leading voice in advocating for sustainable environmental policies and practices in Pakistan. The coalition is committed to mitigating the impacts of climate change through collaborative efforts, community engagement, and innovative solutions.


The PCC envisions a resilient Pakistan, where communities are equipped to adapt to climate change, natural resources are managed sustainably, and environmental stewardship is a shared responsibility.


  1. Advocacy and Policy Influence: To influence national and regional policies related to climate change, ensuring they are sustainable, inclusive, and science-based.
  2. Community Mobilization and Awareness: To raise awareness about the impacts of climate change and promote community-level actions towards sustainability and environmental conservation.
  3. Research and Innovation: To foster research in climate science, sustainable technologies, and best practices in environmental management.
  4. Capacity Building: To enhance the capabilities of CSOs and community groups in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: To forge strategic partnerships with government bodies, private sector entities, international organizations, and other stakeholders for a coordinated response to climate change.

Structure and Leadership: As the leading organization, Peace by Youth (PY) will coordinate the coalition’s activities, leveraging its extensive experience in youth empowerment and community development. The structure of the PCC will encourage active participation from all member CSOs, fostering a democratic and collaborative approach.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Environmental Education and Advocacy: Developing educational programs and campaigns to increase public understanding of climate change issues.
  2. Sustainable Community Projects: Implementing projects that promote renewable energy, waste management, and eco-friendly practices at the community level.
  3. Youth Engagement: Mobilizing the youth as active agents of change in climate action, aligning with PY’s core focus on youth empowerment.
  4. Conservation Efforts: Initiating and supporting conservation projects, including reforestation, biodiversity protection, and water conservation.

Collaborative Approach: The PCC’s strength lies in its collaborative approach, integrating the diverse perspectives and strengths of its member organizations. This coalition is not just a platform for advocacy but also a hub for sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices.

Commitment to Action: The PCC is dedicated to turning ideas into action. Its initiatives will be grounded in local realities and aimed at producing tangible, measurable outcomes that contribute to Pakistan’s environmental sustainability and resilience against climate change.

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