PY 2024-2030: Empowering Future Generations – Our Strategic Vision for Sustainable Impact

Welcome to the strategic vision of Peace by Youth (PY) for 2024-2030. As we embark on this transformative journey, our plan is anchored in empowering the youth of Pakistan, nurturing a culture of innovation, and fostering sustainable community development. This strategic blueprint outlines our commitment to shaping a future where youth are at the forefront of societal change, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values needed to thrive in an evolving world. Join us in exploring our comprehensive approach to youth development, social justice, environmental stewardship, and peacebuilding — a roadmap for creating a more equitable, prosperous, and harmonious future.

Key Themes and Objectives

Youth Empowerment

At Peace by Youth, we’re deeply committed to empowering the youth of Pakistan. Our strategic plan focuses on nurturing leadership skills and offering educational opportunities aligned with contemporary needs. By enhancing access to quality education and vocational training, we aim to equip young people with the tools for success in today’s world.

Social Justice and Equity

Our dedication to social justice and equity is unwavering. We advocate for the rights of all youth, ensuring inclusivity across diverse backgrounds. Our efforts are geared towards breaking down social and cultural barriers, fostering an inclusive society where every young person can thrive.

Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are at the core of our strategic plan. We are actively engaged in climate change initiatives and community-driven projects that promote sustainable practices, aiming to create a balanced and eco-conscious future.

Peace and Harmony

Peace by Youth is dedicated to instilling values of peace and harmony. Through our education and conflict resolution programs, we strive to cultivate mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence within and between communities.

Innovation and Adaptability

Innovation and adaptability are key pillars of our strategy. We leverage the latest technology and data-driven decision-making to enhance our programs and outreach, ensuring our approaches remain relevant and effective in a rapidly evolving world.

Comprehensive Socio-Economic Model

Our comprehensive socio-economic model integrates social impact with economic empowerment. Focusing on education, community engagement, and economic inclusion, we aim to build a framework that not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters long-term sustainable development.


Strategic Plan 2024-30

For a detailed understanding of our initiatives and goals, we invite you to download the complete Peace by Youth Strategic Plan 2024-2030. This comprehensive document offers an in-depth look at our commitments, strategies, and the roadmap for empowering the youth of Pakistan. Click the link below to access and download the full strategic plan.

Our Objectives

Youth Empowerment

Strengthening youth capacity with a focus on technology-enhanced education, skill development, and leadership training. PY aims to equip youth with the tools and knowledge to navigate and shape the digital future.

Social Justice

Advocating for the rights of all youth, addressing social inequalities, and actively promoting gender equality. PY is committed to breaking down societal barriers and fostering inclusive communities.

Sustainable Development

Emphasizing environmental awareness and stewardship, PY integrates sustainability into its programs and advocates for green practices to address climate change and environmental challenges.

Peace and Harmony

Cultivating a culture of peace through education, dialogue, and community-building initiatives. PY is dedicated to nurturing mutual understanding and respect among diverse communities.

Working with young people on their terms

Partnership is our passion

Youth empowerment is our way

Our Core Principles


PY maintains a youthful spirit in its approach, aligning with the dynamism and innovative potential of young people.


The organization strives for sustainability in its initiatives, ensuring that the benefits of its programs are long-lasting and contribute to ongoing development.


Participation is a cornerstone of PY’s operations, ensuring that stakeholders, especially youth, are active participants in decision-making processes.


PY remains responsive to the evolving needs of the communities it serves, adapting its strategies to meet these changing demands.


The organization emphasizes community cohesion and collective action, recognizing the power of collaborative efforts in achieving societal goals.

Through its diverse initiatives and commitment to these values, Peace by Youth (PY) continues to play a pivotal role in shaping a more equitable, just, and peaceful society, with a particular focus on empowering the youth to lead these transformative efforts.