PEACE BY YOUTH (PY) is established in the year 2010, and got registered in 2011, under Agencies Registration and Control Ordinance 1961 (XIVI of 1961) with the idea to empower and encourage young people for Decision making in all fields of life, Youth Development, Capacity Building, Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development, Emergency Relief, Public Library and Health Awareness Campaign Services in district Jacobabad.

Peace by Youth (PY) is a humanitarian organization led by young group of social leaders & peacebuilders of local community from Sindh province.  We champion local heroes, believing them to be the best judge of how to achieve rapid and long-lasting peace, justice, & equality in local, regional and international community.

PY has its volunteers, who are dedicated to its work. We’ve a number of members, who are ready to give their precious time to Peace by Youth (PY) in the field of Administration, Finance & Development and HR Management.

PY works with objective to serve humanity in form of capacity building, generating environment to bring change in attitude & behaviour of local community. So the existing Socio condition paves way to new era. Organizing counselling sessions for adolescents and youth is a regular feature for all types of institutions. This enables them to take decision as per their need; which leads to Social-economic uplift.


PEACE – Participation, Empowerment and Association of Change Enablers


“A Prosperous Peaceful Pakistan”

PY has ability of implementing youth empowerment programs that address pertinent issues relating to the development of young people. PY works with different youth groups to improve their capacity, to work efficiently through organizational development, to maintain continuity and also function effectively. PY focuses on transferring management skills to beneficiary communities and has won the confidence of large number of stakeholders living in the target area by employing a participatory approach.